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Privacy Policy

In line with the regulatory framework and our intent to be compliant thereof, we set out below certain information regarding our privacy policy.

What Information do we gather?
The required information from our visitors would stick to the purpose for availing the services only. It’s upon your discretion if you want to provide any of your personal details or not. You may not be able to avail some services if the information requested is not provided.

We may collect and process some of the following data about you such as:

  • The personal identifiable information which includes name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP addresses, credit card information and banking account information
  • The resources that you access, including traffic data, geo-locational data, weblogs and other communication data
  • Information provided to us if you enquire about a product or service by getting in touch with us.
  • Information provided by filling a form on our website for whatsoever reason.

How will we collect this information?
Your personal information may be collected by getting in touch with you in scenarios such

  • When you make a purchase or reserve a product with us
  • When you enquire about a product
  • When you provide any feedback
  • When you participate in one of our online surveys
  • Register for any notification with regard to our products and special offers
  • When you speak to our customer care.

In what ways can the information help us?

  • We may use your information for any arrangements required to provide you with proper services and send notifications for the same.
  • We will send you notification in relation to special offers that you can avail with us.
  • We will analyse the trends and usages of a particular region or territory to provide you with offers convenient for you to avail.
  • We may disclose any information to the advertisers on our website. Please note that we will not reveal any PII but we may provide them with aggregate strategical information.
  • Third parties supporting us may receive some information in relation to credit card processing, customer services, etc.
  • We may have to disclose information to other parties those who might acquire or attempt to acquire whole or part of the assets in our company or website which might include any personal information.
  • We may pass other parties your information who offer goods or service which may be of your interest. If you do not wish to have your information passed you may inform us for the same in writing. In which case, we will not provide any information of yours to such parties without your consent.

Whether the information is secure?
Your data may be transferred to locations outside EEA for processing and storage, and in relation to which, your consent is deemed affirmative for such transfer when you submit your personal data. We will take prudent steps to make sure that your data is kept secure and held safely. The internet is not completely secure till date and we cannot guarantee any transmission of information sent to us in digital manner and such transmission will be of your own risk. Every profile shall be provided with a password and it is your responsibility to keep such password confidential.

What are the implications of Cookies?
For providing you with better services and to support us we use cookies and similar technologies. Cookies are minute pieces of texts used to store data or information on web browsers and the like. Other technologies include data we store on your browser or device, identifiers and different software used for similar purposes. All this technologies we refer to as “cookies”.

Links of external websites
You will find several links to related websites throughout the website. These websites are added as an option which we consider may be of your interest. We are not responsible for such websites as they may not adhere to our privacy policy. We encourage you to carefully read through their Privacy Policy and / or Terms of Use if you wish to continue accessing the third party websites.

Our response to legal requests
Your information may be shared in response to a legal request if we benevolently believe that the law and its processes require us to do so.

Feedback and suggestions
We will consider and make it our priority if you have any suggestion or feedback for us in relation to any question about the product and services and this privacy policy. You can submit complaints and suggestions about any service you are not happy with.

Feel free to write to us. Our e-mail:

Policy Change
We reserve the right to amend or revise this privacy policy at any point of time without prior notice.

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